Monday, March 13, 2006

Tomorrow I will try

to find a place I can lay out my sweater so show where I am - and add enough cord to the denise needle that I can stretch it out all the way.

Whine mode -- had to go to the doctor again - I went downhill over the weekend and am pretty ill again. Trying a new antibiotic and using the narcotic cough med again. And I want to know WHAT the heck the doctor wrote in the file that caused the nurse who gave me shots to run out into the waiting room when I was trying to pay - and ask if it was ok to listen to my chest there - she "just wanted to hear something" I don't feel wheezy but I guess things are rattling around in there. I got a flu shot this year and have been sick since Jan. I always get bronchitis after the holidays but I can't shake this - so next year I think I will forgo the flu shot - Without it I got the flu and I got bronchitis but I lost it quicker than this.

Whine mode off -- check in tomorrow to view the sweater progress!!!

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Trish said...

Take it easy kiddo! A long hot bath and about 3 days sleeping under a cozy comforter may not heal you, but it would make things a little easier.

Feel better soon.