Monday, March 06, 2006

The Sweater I am making

Sweater I am making
Originally uploaded by rho1640.
This is the sweater I am hoping to make - Well I am going to make - I just hope it looks like this when I am done.

I realize the colors will be different and that my colorway won't stripe like that - but it is the shape I love -- wish me luck!!!

Later today I will show how much I got done on my first sleeve. (2am is not the time to be taking photos LOL)

Oh and both sleeves are actually the same length.. :D


Trish said...

Whose pattern is that?

I love kimono shapes for swaters...especially anything that hangs straight from the neckline to the hemline.

That looks like a future favorite to me!

knittyref said...

Thanks for your comment on my bag. Sorry I can't email you directly (1 of the few things I hate about Blogger).

Love the sweater--in fact one of my next projects in the queue is one very similar with Noro Silk Garden.

As for your question on the bag--the colorway is #150.

Zippianna said...

I'm in love with your coat sweater. You fortunate thing, you've already done the meme. hehe.. I was going to tag you.