Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Problems with photos

Everyone is reporting problems uploading pictures lately - I just don't have any pictures to upload - I hope by the end of the week I will have some significant changes to show for my efforts.

My BIG news -- like doing this sweater isn't enough - I ordered sock yarn - not one, not two but 3 different yarns. I have never done a sock before and I order 3 yarns??? My thinking is (convoluted as usual) the first sock I will hate - because I will have to get used to using all those needles (those very small needles) The second I will feel a bit better about because it is starting to feel a bit more normal using all those needles and by the 3rd sock I will have decided if I like doing them and will continue or if I hate doing socks. And I haven't done any socks yet but I have decided I like mismatched socks - not going to stress about being sure that each one is exactly the same as the other LOL


Trish said...

Rho, my first sock came out perfect...too small, but otherwise perfect, and so will yours!

I still keep that sock (never made it a mate since it was too small) just as a reminder that first efforts aren't always as bad as you think.

You'll do a great job I'm sure.

Oh, and I give you permission to buy all the sock yarn you want.
(just in case you need someone to blame it on)

Laurie said...

I bought a "Knitting Pure and Simple" pattern called Beginner Socks. It used worsted wt yarn and #3 needles - big enough to get the moves down. It helped a lot, rather than starting on the teensy ones.

knittyref said...

I second what Laurie said.

The first "sock" I made were slippers with Cascade 220 on size 4's (or was it 3?).

It was the same construction--cuff down, ribbing, heel flap, picking up stitches, and finally kitchenering the toes. Juggling everything in a slightly larger size added a great degree of comfort.

And they weren't bad either!

Zippianna said...

You will love this sock thing. And sock yarn is small and easily tucked away in small spaces. Sort of like the jello of the knitting world. Is that a bad analogy? If so, I must blame senility, of which I've had a lot lately.