Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This isn't the landscaper

mentioned before. After I talked to the wife and he never called back - We went with a 3rd landscaper - a young man who happens to be in the Fire Department with hubster. (I was determined to get this done NOW!!!) He used to work for someone else and is just starting his own company. They got here yesterday at 7:30 am and left at 6 pm.

btw - the other landscaper (the one I called and spoke to his wife) is working next door to us again - and was all day yesterday. I did call the wife yesterday am and let her know that we had hired someone else - but I guess he figured it out before he went home and heard from her too. . .

The owner of the company had to go to Pennsylvania today to pick up a new piece of equipment but the helper is here today doing the hedge and another company is picking up the debris from yesterday and the dumpster is leaving today too.

Excuse any errors in this -- I just got up a half hour ago and don't have any caffeine in me yet. I don't function well without caffeine....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my modeling tree is no more

Sarah Blanch Shawl 5/06
Originally uploaded by rho1640
It was too large and was a danger to the house if there was a hurricane - but I have to admit I cried as I said bye bye tree -- this tree was our first Christmas tree in this house .....

I have been taking pictures of the progress each day - when the debris is all taken away along with a dumpster of stuff we managed to get rid of too I will post the pictures -- I HAVE A BIG YARD (well .25 acre but it sure looks bigger than it did before)

Friday, May 18, 2007

meme meme meme meme

why do I want to sing that??

tagged by Sachi

The rules:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1) I started going gray in High School - everyone would ask me where I got my hair frosted - So I guess technically I was pretty close to salt and pepper then

2) I walk into walls A. LOT. and bounce of most of the walls - I honestly don't drink - hubby says I need to pay better attention to what I am doing and he is probably right - I usually am talking or looking somewhere else or walking faster than my brain can process that the wall is coming at me.

3) I also have lots of bruises that I have no knowledge of getting - maybe partly attributed to #2 -- also the to fact that it takes 3 days for a bruise to show on me. By then I have forgotten what I did. So I am constantly telling hubster "Remember that I dropped a box, (ran into a wall, stubbed my toe, whatever) and when that bruise on my toe, (shoulder, hip, leg) shows up be sure to remind me of what happened"

4) before I broke my shoulder I was a hell of an archer - I could out shoot pretty much anyone around - and I did a Robin Hood shot where I put one arrow completely into another - in fact when we were shooting constantly there was a group of us who would shoot for the feathers of other people arrows so we only had to replace feathers rather than arrows.

acck - I am really boring - I am having problems going further.....

5) I like to laugh - I have a loud laugh - - I think I have embarrassed people with my laugh....

6) We were bird sitting for a friend - and I sneezed - I sneezed LOUDLY (do we see a pattern here) I scared the bird so much he fell off his perch - the bird is still mad at me because I compounded the sin by laughing (loudly) at what happened. But honestly have you ever seen a bird fall off it's perch-- it is pretty funny. Especially the look on its face when it hits the floor.

7) I qualify to join both the Founding Families and DAR - because of my ancestors arriving here shortly after the Mayflower and because I also had some very brave ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and did some pretty impressive things at that time -- and while I greatly admire my ancestors and only hope I could live up to their example - there is no way I would join either group -- waaay too stuffy for me.

8) hmmmmm --- I have a fear of heights -- I am fine in airplanes, helicopters, or on ski lifts -- but I absolutely can't stand skyscrapers, bridges, edges of cliffs. I have pictures proving I was up in the Eiffel Tower but I have no memory of it at all - I totally blocked it. . . . and I thought I could do the Washington Monument because it had little teeny tiny windows - but I was so scared -- I couldn't look out the windows -- and poor hubby had bruises where I gripped his shoulders so hard walking down the stairs to the lower level to get to the elevator to go down. And he doesn't bruise easily. .

now I don't think I have 8 people who read this and I can't tag Sachi again so anyone who reads it please do it on their blog and let me know so I can go read your answers.

My Daemon is

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Did I do a bad thing?

Remember I mentioned the landscaper who gave us a quote on doing our yard -- well.... I hadn't heard from him and called his cell phone number from his business card with no response -- so tonight after knitting circle I called the other number on his card which was his home and one of his children answered and I asked for their dad - but the mom came on the line -- I explained who I was and said that all I needed was a date that he could start the job and I would have money in hand for them. Since I heard a baby in the background and at least the one child it sounded like the wife was happy to hear about the money in hand.

We have lots of friends in carpentry, plumbing etc so we know how hard it is to get people to pay for services rendered and I figured maybe saying the money is in hand would move the job along... so am I evil to do it this way. He did have the home number on the card - I actually thought that I was calling his office and would get a machine but when I got the wife I just went for it.

Now just so you know that I am not hiring a landscaper for some minor job -- this is my back yard from our roof -- you NEED machinery to tackle that job!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Actual Knitting Content

My socks done in April

And next are the socks I am working on now - this is the yarn from the frogged 2 socks on 2 circulars that I hated and frogged when they were done - they were in a time out in my bag but I needed yarn that I didn't have to wind into a ball so they got taken out earlier than planned - so far they are behaving themselves though.

Just realized how blurry the second picture is - sorry but you get the idea I guess. It is at the TV remote cozy stage at this point.

Ok, I am sitting here laughing my head off -- do you know that one of the options from spell check for the word frogged is frigged -- LOL

OH, I am tired if that is striking me so funny ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I took pictures of my socks today

now I have to remember where the heck I put the cords to put it on the computer - I KNOW I put it somewhere I would never forget and it was a perfect place.... hmmmmm wonder where it could have been?

Gill - thanks for letting me steal your Fibro Fighter button - I also put a Fibro link in my links list that takes you to a site with information on Fibro written by a doctor who has it. OK here is a laugh - spell check wants to make Fibro = Fibre LOL

I went to the chiropractor today - trying to loosen up some spots that are flaring big time - my neck in particular is giving me fits this time (more than it has for a long time) And I am in the cycle of being so tired and in enough pain I can't sleep which just keeps the cycle going. Of course if I could get some pain medication I could take a pill and get some sleep because it would bring the levels down a bit. One of my biggest bones to pick with the government - Pain management in this country sucks - Because of a few crooks - the people who need the medication cannot get it. Instead of prosecuting the bad guys the innocent person suffers. OK off my soap box now.....

On the knitting front - the socks I am working on now are from the yarn that went into the bin for a time out - I decided I was just doing a simple sock 2 inches of rib then all knit after that - so I can work on my heels and toes to be happier with them when my sock club yarn and patterns come. I hope the patterns are easy - since I haven't done any lace or cables or anything hard yet at all -- but unlike Jo there is no time limit with my club - I can take a whole month to do them if I want - as long as I am done before I get the next one I will be thrilled.

So pics to follow tomorrow (I think I remembered where the cords are - the office closet) . . . .please remember though my socks are simple and I haven't quite loved my heel and toe results yet. . .

It's 2am so I am off to take some Advil and melatonin and see if I can get to bed in an hour or so.... for a couple of hours at least.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I still live

and have even been knitting - almost done with a pair of socks. But I am in a pretty big flare from travel and am not doing much. I will try to get some pics up of the sock before I start the pair I am going to felt for slippers.

Of course, despite my flare - today hubby asked me to help him in the yard a bit so I did. Hopefully I won't feel worse and really really hopefully the sun allergy won't kick in - I slathered myself with the super duper sun screen (that I have to order more of) and wore a hat etc. but I am still red - just hold off on the burn and itch please. I really don't want to do steroid shots ... every year I do the guessing game of how much sun I can actually take before it kicks in.

Anyone reading this please send good thoughts out to the universe that the landscaping guy we called calls back today so we can get our yard cleaned. I have weeds taller than me in my back yard (with lots of stickers on them so machinery is better to get it out) It has only taken 3 years to get hubby to give up on his friend doing it and calling someone else - --- so I really want this guy to follow up with a date and get it done quickly. What we did out there today was all prep work for this guy to come and do his thing.