Thursday, May 10, 2007

Did I do a bad thing?

Remember I mentioned the landscaper who gave us a quote on doing our yard -- well.... I hadn't heard from him and called his cell phone number from his business card with no response -- so tonight after knitting circle I called the other number on his card which was his home and one of his children answered and I asked for their dad - but the mom came on the line -- I explained who I was and said that all I needed was a date that he could start the job and I would have money in hand for them. Since I heard a baby in the background and at least the one child it sounded like the wife was happy to hear about the money in hand.

We have lots of friends in carpentry, plumbing etc so we know how hard it is to get people to pay for services rendered and I figured maybe saying the money is in hand would move the job along... so am I evil to do it this way. He did have the home number on the card - I actually thought that I was calling his office and would get a machine but when I got the wife I just went for it.

Now just so you know that I am not hiring a landscaper for some minor job -- this is my back yard from our roof -- you NEED machinery to tackle that job!!!


Trish said...

Yikes! You've got your own forest growing back there.

You may have to throw a kegger to get that mown down....hee hee.

We are having trouble with our lawn guy too. He came three times, always on a different day than he said he would....and then just quit coming altogether.


Beth said...

Oh my ... that's quite a ... jungle ...

Can't wait to see the after shots!

zippiknits said...

No, you didn't do a bad thing. I think you did an innocent thing to start with and sweet serendipity sent you a very handy link up with another human being whom you cheered up. =0)

Good luck with the backyard adventures.

Gill said...

J woould be soooo excited about that prospect! I'm really looking forward to the after shots. We are quite 'comfortable', but know the vagaries of life when you work for yourself - J has a decorating business.
You did a good thing :)

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

So what's wrong with this back garden? You mean there are back gardens that DON'T look like a jungle? Gosh. I really must travel more, see more alternatives... After all, there MAY be other ways of maintaining your own little corner of Heaven I suppose.

Nikki said...

No, you did not do a bad thing. I think if you had called that number, gotten the wife, and then said, "oh, sorry" and hung up mysteriously, he would have been in a LOT more trouble. :)