Friday, May 18, 2007

meme meme meme meme

why do I want to sing that??

tagged by Sachi

The rules:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1) I started going gray in High School - everyone would ask me where I got my hair frosted - So I guess technically I was pretty close to salt and pepper then

2) I walk into walls A. LOT. and bounce of most of the walls - I honestly don't drink - hubby says I need to pay better attention to what I am doing and he is probably right - I usually am talking or looking somewhere else or walking faster than my brain can process that the wall is coming at me.

3) I also have lots of bruises that I have no knowledge of getting - maybe partly attributed to #2 -- also the to fact that it takes 3 days for a bruise to show on me. By then I have forgotten what I did. So I am constantly telling hubster "Remember that I dropped a box, (ran into a wall, stubbed my toe, whatever) and when that bruise on my toe, (shoulder, hip, leg) shows up be sure to remind me of what happened"

4) before I broke my shoulder I was a hell of an archer - I could out shoot pretty much anyone around - and I did a Robin Hood shot where I put one arrow completely into another - in fact when we were shooting constantly there was a group of us who would shoot for the feathers of other people arrows so we only had to replace feathers rather than arrows.

acck - I am really boring - I am having problems going further.....

5) I like to laugh - I have a loud laugh - - I think I have embarrassed people with my laugh....

6) We were bird sitting for a friend - and I sneezed - I sneezed LOUDLY (do we see a pattern here) I scared the bird so much he fell off his perch - the bird is still mad at me because I compounded the sin by laughing (loudly) at what happened. But honestly have you ever seen a bird fall off it's perch-- it is pretty funny. Especially the look on its face when it hits the floor.

7) I qualify to join both the Founding Families and DAR - because of my ancestors arriving here shortly after the Mayflower and because I also had some very brave ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and did some pretty impressive things at that time -- and while I greatly admire my ancestors and only hope I could live up to their example - there is no way I would join either group -- waaay too stuffy for me.

8) hmmmmm --- I have a fear of heights -- I am fine in airplanes, helicopters, or on ski lifts -- but I absolutely can't stand skyscrapers, bridges, edges of cliffs. I have pictures proving I was up in the Eiffel Tower but I have no memory of it at all - I totally blocked it. . . . and I thought I could do the Washington Monument because it had little teeny tiny windows - but I was so scared -- I couldn't look out the windows -- and poor hubby had bruises where I gripped his shoulders so hard walking down the stairs to the lower level to get to the elevator to go down. And he doesn't bruise easily. .

now I don't think I have 8 people who read this and I can't tag Sachi again so anyone who reads it please do it on their blog and let me know so I can go read your answers.


zippiknits said...

I'm game, I'll do it Rho, but it will take some time, my life being so random and all.. Hahahahaha! That's what being retired does, randomizes your life!

Trish said...

Rho! You Sadist you....laughing at a defenseless little bird falling off it's perch.

OK, that is pretty funny. :-)

...and I bump into walls all the time too.

Sachi said...

OK. The archery thing is so cool! And the bird, OMG that's funny stuff. Seriously, I would still be laughing about it every time I saw that bird.

If something is REALLY funny, I embarass myself when I laugh because I'm so loud. Another little problem is that I snort really loud right after...

Beth said...

You are far from boring! I too have a loud laugh and a twisted sense of humor that seems to make me laugh (loudly) at the oddest times. And like you, I qualify to join the DAR, as well as Daughters of the Confederacy. I don't even have to show any paperwork for either except my birth certificate. My maiden name alone gets me in. And like you ... I'm not joining either group. I don't think they'd appreciate my loud, seemingly inappropriate laughing. ::grins::

Minh said...

I also get bruises with no recollection of anything. Do we sit on our knitting needles or something?!

I tagged you for this meme but you had answered already so count me as one of your 8.

Kathy said...

I haven't been tagged by anyone and was starting to feel a bit left out...poor me! So maybe I'll take you up on this! And I think I should tag some of the people I read who don't even know I'm alive! That might be interesting. I'm quite impressed by your archery skills, but more impressed by what you did to the bird! I got a visual! My MIL always made fun of her sister who was in the DAR! My husband's family is all Mayflowery and all, we have a book with everyone's names in it (including mine and my girls!) and it's fascinating to me. I read it and all of the untold stories spin around in my head. There are relatives on both sides of the Civil War and parents who had 15 children and only managed to raise 5, there is the great grandfather who died at Fredricksburg when his son was an infant and how did his wife manage to raise her son? My family came over on boats as well, but 300 years later and being adopted I grasp for old family stories, for some kind of history for my girls, since I don't feel like my adopted family's story is my own to tell.
And Rho, nobody could ever accuse you of being stuffy, perhaps you could breathe some life into those old girls!
I'll post my memememememe when I get a breath!

Amie said...