Sunday, December 31, 2006

It has been so long since I was tagged

for this that I don't remember the rules sorry - but here are my weird things--

1) I cannot sit with my back exposed in a public place like a restaurant. If I end up in that position I keep turning around to see what is behind me - I actually have a weird sensation on my back --- Hubby swears I was a gambler in a past life who was shot in the back at a table.

2) I make lists - lists of lists even -- do I do what is on the list NOOOOO but I have the list for it.

3) I also read --- a lot. I usually have 3 paper books going in the house one or two on the computer, along with magazines, newspapers, and also a book or two in each car and one in my bag along with my knitting... for "just in case"

4) I love fish and I love smoked food but smoked fish makes me gag. However - I love smoking fish for other people.

5) My body temperature is weird -- it is usually around 94 degrees then it suddenly jumps up to 100 or 101 -- it is rare that it is anywhere near what is considered normal - which drives my doctors nuts at times. They keep saying "How do you feel? Are you feeling sick" and I keep telling them no more than usual.

6) My memory sucks - I can't remember names or dates to save my life - but I am great at Jeopardy. I guess my brain is full of mainly useless information from all the books I read.

Now I honestly can't think of anything else that is odd about me - but I am sure if you asked anyone who knows me they could come up with a list a mile long. It just means I don't think anything else is odd about me - not that it isn't odd hehehe

We had our New Years traditional Lobster dinner and are sitting here now getting ready to watch some DVDs until midnight - will toast the New Years in if hubby stays awake long enough - but since we have been running for 3 days I really doubt he will make it (me, I will be up until 2 or 3 no matter what) And we are listening to the scanner with all the calls for the drunks on the road (already at 8:30 pm), the fights and domestic incidents and the suicidal people (2 so far in the last 6 hours) and I am very verry happy to be in my cozy home and in a few minutes in my cozy comfy pj's instead of out among all of those things. Does this mean we are getting old?

Happy New Year and Healthy New Year to everyone!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Looking on the positive side

that this happened this week so it can get fixed before we go to Florida - but still .... CRAP!!

I was going to knitting circle and stopped at MIL's on the way to drop off some seafood chowder and a water bottle for her to drink from (she is having problems holding a glass straight when she goes to drink from it and spills and she is having problems chewing and swallowing so soup is good for her now) and of course the water bottle rolls off the seat and between the seat and the passenger side door - - I run around the car to get the bottle and soup out and open the door and the door won't close!!!! I locked it, unlocked it - using the remote then using the key and nothing -- the piece that holds the door shut is stuck and now the door hits the bar and won't close -- I tried using a pliers to grab it and move it - no go .... so I am home now -- called to say I wouldn't make it to circle and wishing R. hadn't taken his truck to a friends house when they left for Rhode Island today. I literally drove home with a shopping bag looped over the inside door handle holding it across the seat to keep the door shut (which I figured out after the door opened as I was driving)

We actually have an appointment to get the car checked over, and any thing needed done to it and the inspection done on Sat. - so like I said it is good it happened now and not half way to Florida.... but still.... CRAP!

I was tagged with the 6 weird thing meme - and am still working on what exactly I want to reveal about me that is weird but maybe not too weird -- and there is just too much to choose from too. :D

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Knitters are amazing

Go to the Yarn Harlot blog and check out how the Knitters without Borders are doing in the donations to Knitters without Borders. Since Friday night she has raised over $80,000 dollars for them - I am putting the banner on my blog now that I have made a donation to this worthy cause.

My eye doctor is one of the doctors who has done lots of work with this group and now I can feel that I made a small contribution at least.

Seriously though - see what knitters have done as a group - donating to this cause, knitting for charities (Dulaan, Warm up America, Prayer Shawls, caps for preemies etc) and be amazed.

So many times I have thought what can I do by myself that would make a difference in the world and feel that I have no power - then I see what we, as a group, have done and I realize that knitters are a force to be reckoned with. Imagine what we could do if we had some knitters in major political offices pulling us all together. We could run the world bwahahaha.....

Thank You Stephanie for opening my eyes to the possibilities of group participation for change.