Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gold Medal !!!

isn't it pretty!!

Now to figure how to put the little one on the sidebar ....

what fun!!

Thank You Stephanie (Yarn Harlot) and team!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My finished felted bag (Olympic Knitting Project)

So here it is done and dried -- I love it - I made a mistake but nothing I can't live with for a first bag (besides I can't change it now LOL) And it isn't totally noticeable unless you look close.

So does anyone know how to get your gold medal for completing the project??

Friday, February 24, 2006

LaLaLaLaLa -- My bag is done!!!

and drying -- I went to take a picture and the battery on the camera is dead so charging it up now. I see couple of mistakes but nothing I can't live with -- one is one handle is on the other side of the edge (you can see it in the second picture I think Yikes! )And I can see one place I changed color - it has a little bump in it But I am still thrilled with my first bag ever !!!! And I will probably wear it out using it because it is my FIRST - did I do the happy song Lalalalalalaaaaa!!!

ok got my camera charged enough to take these -

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My plans for the rest of this week

Thanks Trish - I am taking your advice - My plans for the rest of this week -- on my way to the dentist today I will be picking up the pillow case to felt my bag and finish my Olympic project, also going to look at the Lane chairs on sale for our living room while picking up the pillow case (same store)- then I have one meeting on Thursday and other than that I am resting!!! Well, I may look at some yarn while I am at the pillow case/chair store. This store has all of that and more in it. They say they are the first department store in America - and I wouldn't doubt it. But it wouldn't do to be resting and not have anything to knit at all would it?

I may work on a hat or try to come up with some arm warmer sleeves. I was thinking that they would be great for this time of life - I can be freezing and in need of long sleeves then WHAM a hot flash hits and I could whip the sleeves off and be cooler and when it passed I could put the sleeves back on -- much easier than taking a sweater on and off each time it happens. :D

Monday, February 20, 2006


well I got all the cooking done by 1 am last night waited for cake to cool off and dishwasher to stop and went to bed. Got up ironed my clothes got things ready to go and just couldn't do it - I felt awful (maybe I should make that AWFUL!!!!) So DH brought the food with him and I went to the doctor. Ended up with a breathing treatment there (nebulizer?) and a script for 2 different inhalers and orders that if I don't feel better in 3 or 4 days to come back. I sooo don't do doctors - I feel like an imposter when I go in and it isn't something visible like broken bones. Does this tell you just how bad I was feeling.

BTW anyone know how to bring body temperatures up?? I know to take aspirin to bring it down but what the heck do you do to bring it up?? Before I went to doctors it was 95.7 F. at doctors it had gone up to 96.2 F.

I will pick up my pillowcase tomorrow so I can felt my bag.

I was going to say tomorrow I promise will be better but I have to go to dentist for a filling that fell out -- how good can that be LOL

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Still haven't felted the bag

but not so much because of fear as no time -- have spent the last 2 days cooking for a funeral tomorrow. Do you have any idea how much carrot salad you can make out of two of the BIG bags of carrots and how many beans it takes to make a full pot of baked beans. Still have two coffee cakes to do tonight. Guess it is a good thing that I work best at night HUH? Plus I have to clean up my kitchen and load the dishwasher AGAIN before I can start the cakes.

Then tomorrow will be kitchen duty at the wake. But I will take the time to stop and get my pillowcase so I can get the bag felted on Tuesday!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympic Project -not felted yet

Tomorrow I have to get a zippered pillowcase cover to felt this in - then my Olympic Project will be finished!! I have to say I learned a lot doing this - using big needles, picking up stitches and going from a flat piece to a circular, changing colors, slip a stitch to make a corner, icord - and enjoyed every part of it.

So why am I so nervous about how it will come out after felting -- I really mean it - I could put off doing it just to avoid that part of the project and seeing if I did ok or not LOL Oh, the joys of being a new knitter....

ps -- felt is one of those words that after typing it a few times looks like it is wrong... ;D

Friday, February 10, 2006

Time for an update

Well it has been a long time since I posted here - but I have had a bad bout with bronchitis and then an inner ear thing that meant I bounced off walls and if I moved my head it took a few minutes for the world to stop spinning.

Looks like my Olympic project will be a small bag - when I was able to ball up the yarn I got to wondering if it was enough to do the large bag that I had ordered for. So I went back to the page where I ordered from and no matter which size I put in for the yarn calculation it came up with 5 balls of each color yarn. Now if it were single yarn knitting I would think it would work but doubling up on it I just can't see how it will make it to the large size bag. Of course since I have never done this I could be completely wrong.

So it will still be a challenge as everything that was new to me in the pattern still is - I just don't have as long to do each thing to get used to doing it now.

Well off to help DH split wood - we are under a Blizzard watch and our woodpile is pretty low - want to have plenty in so if power goes out I can knit, read (by daylight or hurricane lanterns) and cook spaghetti and meatballs and/or beef stew on the woodstove. Of course, if the power doesn't go out I will do all of that just not by light of hurricane lanterns - and watching Olympic coverage on TV.