Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My plans for the rest of this week

Thanks Trish - I am taking your advice - My plans for the rest of this week -- on my way to the dentist today I will be picking up the pillow case to felt my bag and finish my Olympic project, also going to look at the Lane chairs on sale for our living room while picking up the pillow case (same store)- then I have one meeting on Thursday and other than that I am resting!!! Well, I may look at some yarn while I am at the pillow case/chair store. This store has all of that and more in it. They say they are the first department store in America - and I wouldn't doubt it. But it wouldn't do to be resting and not have anything to knit at all would it?

I may work on a hat or try to come up with some arm warmer sleeves. I was thinking that they would be great for this time of life - I can be freezing and in need of long sleeves then WHAM a hot flash hits and I could whip the sleeves off and be cooler and when it passed I could put the sleeves back on -- much easier than taking a sweater on and off each time it happens. :D

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YarnB said...

Rho, Thank you for leaving posts on my blog. I am glad I am not the only one who has emotional melt downs and doesn't care about telling the whole world wide web about it!!! Thanks for looking at my blog too and posting there!!!