Friday, May 19, 2006

shawl that has to be done tomorrow afternoon.

am I NUTS!!!! I had 2 full pattern repeats done last night and decided it wasn't long enough so frogged the whole thing and started new. This is for my MIL's 90th birthday tomorrow......

my first warshcloth from MD book

my first warshcloth from MD book
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I finally got my brain around the directions for this -- it wasn't the book that was wrong - it was my trying to translate the directions to my knitting. I knit Continental and purl Norwegian so I had to make it a picture in my brain to understand what would work. There are a few mistakes in it but nothing major - in other words it will be a grand wash cloth.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sarah Blanch Shawl 5/06

Sarah Blanch Shawl 5/06
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I am the worst photographer - if I keep knitting and blogging (I don't see that I will ever give up knitting) I have to take a class in making artistic show-off pictures.

But I would make the next one I do a little longer and also a little wider but I have to say this feels like a dream.

I had it on while checking mail and reading blogs and decided to join 9 inches on each side and made this a very expensive shrug. I think I will get more joy of this particular item this way. Our house is chilly and it stays over my arms better this way when I am reading or on the computer or just sitting watching tv. And if I decide I want to change it I can just take out the stitches - no big deal.

I LOVE love love the way this feels - it is Cherry Tree Hill Tropical Storm Silk & Merino dk

Friday, May 12, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

It has rained so much today - everything is flooded -- this is a time I am so happy that I live on a hill. A giggle today - DH had run into the post office and I was knitting in the car and a guy came out of the laundromat across the street and ran across to his car and opened the hatch of his car to put his laundry in - I fully expected that he would close the hatch and go to the drivers seat and get in to drive away -- but he jumped into the car in the hatch and closed it and crawled over the seats to the front seat and drove away -- now does that tell you how hard it was raining LOL

What I did on my vacation...

these are pictures from the Ward Foundation World Decoy Carving Championship - the first one is by a friend of ours and he won second place in Masters Class with it

the next two I just love - the painting on it is beautiful isn't it - sorry I don't know who did it though and the third was for a friend in AZ just because of the cactus (and of course because we loved it enough to take a picture of it)

I also got quite a bit of knitting done - including casting on and doing about 3/4 of my Sarah Blanch Shawl) while I was sitting around when DH was at various sporting clay ranges. The shawl should be finished today and if we EVER get sun again I will take a picture of it and post it -- it has rained all week and today by 9am we had over an inch and a half of rain with over 5 predicted for today and tomorrow - moldy moldy me....

I emailed the woman that made up the jacket pattern at both her home and work addy and either she doesn't check her email or she really really didn't like my sweater and wants no association with it. I am choosing to believe the first option. (oh, how I wish I could put an ironic smiley here) But I can't give out her pattern or send you to her for it until I hear from her - sorry to all who asked about it.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

a nightmare for me

Anyone that knows me knows I hate being the center of attention - my wedding was torture for me (I tried to run out of the church but DH kept pulling me back saying enjoy this -- what, was he crazy?) - well today may have been right up there with that moment. At knitting circle there was a journalist from the local newspaper doing an article on the knitting circle.....guess who had to have her picture taken in her new sweater because everyone loves it --- if you guessed me you were Right!! Now for the next week I have to hope she picked other pictures to use other than that one for the article.... ACK double ACCKKKK!!!

I forgot to mention that I was working in my back room all day (the room that is slated to become my knitting sanctuary/guest room) and forgot the time so I did a quick spritz clean-up and changed clothes ran a brush thru my hair so I looked worse than I usually do LOL isn't that the way things work out.

So I am praying that the article uses any of the other pictures she took -- any of them at all even if I am in it in amongst the others heheh