Thursday, May 11, 2006

a nightmare for me

Anyone that knows me knows I hate being the center of attention - my wedding was torture for me (I tried to run out of the church but DH kept pulling me back saying enjoy this -- what, was he crazy?) - well today may have been right up there with that moment. At knitting circle there was a journalist from the local newspaper doing an article on the knitting circle.....guess who had to have her picture taken in her new sweater because everyone loves it --- if you guessed me you were Right!! Now for the next week I have to hope she picked other pictures to use other than that one for the article.... ACK double ACCKKKK!!!

I forgot to mention that I was working in my back room all day (the room that is slated to become my knitting sanctuary/guest room) and forgot the time so I did a quick spritz clean-up and changed clothes ran a brush thru my hair so I looked worse than I usually do LOL isn't that the way things work out.

So I am praying that the article uses any of the other pictures she took -- any of them at all even if I am in it in amongst the others heheh


Trish said...

I know that feeling too Rho, but honestly you deserve the attention for your sweater. I'd love to see the picture after it's published.

If it's going to be in the paper anyway....might as well show it to us....or, we'll just torture you until you do. Bwahahahahaha.

Zippianna said...