Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sarah Blanch Shawl 5/06

Sarah Blanch Shawl 5/06
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I am the worst photographer - if I keep knitting and blogging (I don't see that I will ever give up knitting) I have to take a class in making artistic show-off pictures.

But I would make the next one I do a little longer and also a little wider but I have to say this feels like a dream.

I had it on while checking mail and reading blogs and decided to join 9 inches on each side and made this a very expensive shrug. I think I will get more joy of this particular item this way. Our house is chilly and it stays over my arms better this way when I am reading or on the computer or just sitting watching tv. And if I decide I want to change it I can just take out the stitches - no big deal.

I LOVE love love the way this feels - it is Cherry Tree Hill Tropical Storm Silk & Merino dk


Trish said...

I can see now why you wanted to keep it "organic"'s lovely Rho!

I can almost feel how drapey and soft it is. Pretty colorway too.

trek said...

Rho - your email doesn't come through in my comments. I haven't purchased the chili pepper or kokopelli fabrics yet but can certainly get enough to do you one of each. Please email me directly so I have your email addy. Thanks.