Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still sad but getting better

I can't think of any more to say about my friend Trish - so I am going to use what I posted on Ravelry -

I considered Trish one of my best friends. So how can you get so close to someone you meet through this thing called the Internet? Trish and I met originally on Knitter’s Review and started by PMing (private messaging) each other. Then it went to email (though neither of us gave our email addresses out easily, lol), and then there were phone calls. We never met in person, but our weird sense of humor was the same (she actually got my jokes), our love of knitting (God, the talent that woman had—check out her project page—and that was only a tiny bit of what she did) and our love of FOOD. Cooking and recipes and hard-to-get exotic ingredients were a big part of our conversations.

Trish was one of those people who did everything well—and if I didn’t love her so much I would have hated her for it ; ). If anyone needed help she was there to give it—and still is—she was an organ donor and her kidneys and corneas already are helping people. I am telling myself that the corneas went to a fellow crafter who now has a chance to continue something they love and her skin will help so many people.

I am stealing this from a post M made on Knitters Review. She spoke with Trish’s husband Bob,and he said,

So far, her donation of skin, organs and corneas have given new hope to 45 people and as Bob expressed, “I am so proud of her for this.” In a note from Bob, Rho learned the donor network also told him that her kidneys were placed yesterday (Friday, March 7) to two people in the Phoenix area and he will be notified about the progress of the recipients.

So as you can see Trish is still helping people. The phrase that comes to mind is she is still helping people knit their lives back together by her selfless donation.

She was also passionate about animals and animal welfare—and was passionate about Cocker Spaniel Rescue. One friend is going to donate money in her honor there.

She may not have posted here (Ravelry) a lot but I know she was on daily checking in with her friends and new patterns and ideas and yarns—the knitting community meant a lot to her. I can see her organizing a Knitting Circle in heaven. I told her husband that and he said to me, “I believe you’re absolutely right about her organizing the Knitting Circle in heaven. I can just see her now, surrounded by knitting needles, bundles of gorgeous yarns, knitted socks, scarfs, shawls, sweaters, patterns and all of her tools sitting with our cocker spaniels and tabby cat.” Isn’t that a husband who appreciated his wife’s passion and paid attention to what she was doing?