Saturday, December 31, 2005

rho's knitting woes

seems like a good name for a blog - since I am just learning to knit. Although there haven't been too many woes to date -- I have been pretty pleased with my first attempts by taking into account that they are my first attempts.

I have been working on a neck warmer the past few days that is going to look strange but the whole purpose of it is to test how different stitches look and gauges. So right now it is knitted on circular needles with the first bunch of rows being knitted - then a bunch of rows that are k2 p2 then some more knitted and now I am doing knit a row and purl a row. And I have alternated sizes of needles in a few places. It is kind of fun to see what is coming out after a few rows.

Since it will be something I will be using to bring in wood for the wood stove or to help DH with splitting wood it will be warm and if it is looking a bit strange it is ok.

So far I have completed
1 hat
1 fringed scarf (basket weave)
1 keyhole scarf
4 dishcloths

in the works
1 neck warmer
1 lap throw (in fuzzy rose yarn)

just a test

to see if I can do this right - Montauk Lighthouse on September 30th 2003. Playing tourist in Montauk for our anniversary.