Thursday, September 09, 2010

This and that

First off what a glorious grey cool morning - and the nights are getting almost chilly. Fall will officially be here soon and I am loving it already!

Now to the funny part of the the post - poor Rich hurt his back then re-hurt it worse last week so he is crookedly hobbling around - soooo the other day when the washing machine alarm went off I ran downstairs to fix it - the blasted thing had walked itself partially off it's platform - dummy here (yes that would be me) tries to pull it back up (which is usually doable -difficult but doable) but apparently it has water still in it so NOT so doable - I pulled something under my wing. Owie!

The downside of that (other than pain) is that my joining the Health Club got put off from yesterday to maybe tomorrow. If not tomorrow then Monday. As long as I get in while the special is on I will be a happy camper. I'm just planning on starting off really slowly using the treadmill and bike (which my Podiatrist said was ok as long as I started slow) then eventually work up to more. The plan is to try that, come home and ice the Achilles tendon and hopefully avoid more PT. I could have done (probably should have still been doing) both at the same time - but a few PT sessions is equal to the cost of the membership for the year. And I go back to doctor in 3 weeks to evaluate if it is working or if I have to give in to more PT also. So fingers crossed that I am smart enough to stop and come home and ice enough to avoid going back for the PT. And if anyone ever asks Achilles Tendonitis hurts a lot! Avoid it if you can ;)

Oh and Rich is doing a little better too - he can sneeze and not follow it with painful mutterings at least now. It is a start....

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