Tuesday, July 24, 2007

my socks

Well a really really bad picture of my socks - I need a Richard in my life Jo (my Richard doesn't take pictures :D) but I guess you get the idea and you get to see a shadow of my head and house as a bonus.

I haven't worked on anything for the last week - between heat, Harry Potter, and a lousy trip to NYC yesterday 3 hours in and 4 hours out (a trip that normally takes 2 hours -- with no rain and flooding) We literally went less than 10 miles in 2 hours on the way home . . . ugh.

Oh - and they are cutting the dead trees down in front of my house - so we now have no trees in front of my house - but at least they figured out why the trees died -- a gas leak -- so now we have to get the village to call the gas company to find where the leak is since it apparently is in addition to the one they fixed in the winter.