Monday, March 26, 2007

Before and after

To get a real idea of what it looked like this morning add about another foot to the length and about another foot to the width and you get an idea of the before
my normal way of wearing it - up in a bun.

And now the new me --

OH - ignore the letter L coming out of my head - and ignore the bad quality of the pictures since it is really hard to take a picture in the mirror in the bathroom using a towel over the shower curtain as a backdrop -- they really do look like mug shots don't they?

Tomorrow we see if I can get it to look like this - it will be easy for the summer and it will dry in minutes instead of the days it took with it long.

Knitting content coming soon I promise! I actually picked up the needles and knit yesterday for a bit and am going to Knitting Circle tomorrow.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Went to doctor yesterday

and told him I felt like a fraud being there - when he asked why I told him I wasn't feeling THAT sick - but wanted to shut the hubster up from bugging me to go to see him. I guess my Dr's idea and my idea of what THAT sick is are different. I ended up with 3 shots, a double round of zithromax and a double round of the cough syrup with codeine. So basically since I started the meds yesterday I have slept. In fact I slept the latest I think I ever slept in my life - went to bed around 2am last night and woke up at 11:30am this morning YIKES -- then this afternoon I slept in the chair a bit and then went in to lie down at 7 woke up at 9 and took my syrup again about an hour ago and am ready to go to bed in about a half hour from now.

I did knit about 6 rows on my vest front - and since it seems I can't type under the influence I don't know how good my knitting under the influence will be. ;)

I did find a shawl or scarf I want to try - it is called Dipsy Doodle and here is a link if I can remember how to do it Dipsy Doodle scarf
I think that I would like to do a cable on the other side of it where there isn't one - so it is balanced out better.... I also would like to do it wider so it would be a shawl - I think this is more scarf size. But maybe first doing the it the actual size it is written would be a good idea since I have never done either cables or lace - ya think?

But first to get my vest done while I can still wear it this year. There isn't that much to do I am 1/3 up on the final front piece then the little pieces that go up the sides and around the arms are all I have to do - I just need to work on it when I am feeling less woozy from the cough syrup...and maybe less upset stomach wise from the pills.

And remember any mistakes in this post or weirder than usual phrasing of things or missed spelling errors are all due to the meds.

Monday, March 19, 2007

No knitting content

coughing too much to even pick up the needles - blah. Going to the doctor tomorrow - will probably be given wonderful cough med. with codeine so then at least I will sleep and a couple of shots in the butt (I really hate needles!!). Someday I will make it a whole year without bronchitis!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


to my new address.

As you can see everything is the same other than the new name and address ...

Thanks Rhonna for all of your help!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

change of blog title

to rho's knitting goes... I wanted to change the whole thing but couldn't figure out how to do it without deleting the blog and starting a new one - sooo .... even though the address is still the old address the name is new.

Not so many knitting woes and my knitting is like the energizer bunny that just goes and goes and goes....

even when I don't blog about it is really is still going.. honest Jo... ;)

Friday, March 02, 2007


it was requested that I have some knitting content - thanks Jo for working the guilt angle ;D

But, it is such a dark, dank, dreary day today that I will only describe it - pictures tomorrow if it is brighter.

I finished the back of my vest and am at the decreases on the left front of the vest and it seems to be going along pretty well. And I love the color -- what color is that???

Why BLUE of course. Aren't you surprised?