Sunday, September 30, 2007

Still no pictures BUT

that is a good thing since I ripped my shawl out AGAIN!! I tried to rip it back to where there was a mistake - and pick up the stitches but I couldn't pick up the stitches. So it has been started again for what the 13th or 14th time -- it sure is a good thing I am stubborn isn't it? This time I am going to do it on my new Harmony Knit Pick needles and use the hole in it to try to do a life line every so often so I don't do this ever again .....

And today is our 29th Anniversary - I think I saw the hubster for about an hour today that he was awake in - the guys (we had company) got up and went fishing early this morning and got home in time to pack their car and make it to the ferry. So hopefully we will celebrate later in the week - but not tomorrow Rich is on a dinner committee for Tuesday night and will be shopping an preparing food for that - and of course not Tuesday night because of his dinner and not Wed. night another meeting - - maybe next Friday ;)

But it was a fun long weekend with the company - lots of laughs and none were at my expense LOL And while I am no where near as tired as the guys are I am tired too .... so off to read for a bit then to bed.

BTW - I have the sorest hand ever - in my frustration with my shawl I decided to just knit - and made 5 swiffer covers to use in place of the store bought ones. . . I even put Ben Gay on my thumb joint it is so sore.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


or just plain stubbornness - pays off - and it seems for me that 10 times is the charmed number for beginning a project. I started the second ball of yarn tonight -- and I am a very happy camper - I may actually have this done before the Knitters Review Retreat. YIPPEE!!

Second piece of good news - if you scroll to the end of my blog you will see that I have been doing Weight Watchers ----- as as of this morning I am down 15.4 lbs. Many many more to to (in fact a whole adult person) but I am looking at this as a two year project and then a lifelong program so I will make it - sloooowwwly (because after all what do I do that isn't slow anyway) and somewhat patiently. I am doing it in little 5 lb increments because if I tried to look at the whole number it would scare me to death. But I can't wait to hit that 20 lb mark - then it seems that you are really on the way and really serious in your determination. So at every 5 lb mark you all will hear me shouting with glee and you will see the little ticker go up in amount lost.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I seriously suck as a knitter

I haven't blogged because I seriously suck as a knitter - I can't even manage a simple 4 line pattern that makes a trellis pattern - I have frogged my shawl 6 times (yep you read that right SIX times) I was originally doing it with navy cashsoft and red kidsilk haze but after 4 times frogging it I decided to do away with the kidsilk - it is easier to see where I have gone wrong without it - and I really didn't like the purpley color it turned into - I swear when I finally finish this I will never ever take it off. Geeze I am such a loser... but I am going to master this sucker - even though I may still be working on it at the retreat at the rate I am going.

The idea that I am going to be taking a lace class and a color class at the retreat is absolutely terrifying me right now - if I can't do this - can I do anything at all. ARRGGHH!!

So now you all know what a total dweeb I am - can I be anymore pathetic..... K2tog yo or yo ssk -- how hard can it be?!?! I am even counting every row and still making mistakes ......