Monday, September 03, 2007

I seriously suck as a knitter

I haven't blogged because I seriously suck as a knitter - I can't even manage a simple 4 line pattern that makes a trellis pattern - I have frogged my shawl 6 times (yep you read that right SIX times) I was originally doing it with navy cashsoft and red kidsilk haze but after 4 times frogging it I decided to do away with the kidsilk - it is easier to see where I have gone wrong without it - and I really didn't like the purpley color it turned into - I swear when I finally finish this I will never ever take it off. Geeze I am such a loser... but I am going to master this sucker - even though I may still be working on it at the retreat at the rate I am going.

The idea that I am going to be taking a lace class and a color class at the retreat is absolutely terrifying me right now - if I can't do this - can I do anything at all. ARRGGHH!!

So now you all know what a total dweeb I am - can I be anymore pathetic..... K2tog yo or yo ssk -- how hard can it be?!?! I am even counting every row and still making mistakes ......


Brahdelt said...

Don't get discouraged! Maybe it's time to put it away for a while and start something new, and then come back to this project with a fresh mind?
Whenever I get bored with some design or make too many mistakes, I turn to something new for a change.
Good luck! *^v^*

Kathy said...

Well, I don't think so...but you're a really nice person!

Yeah, sometimes you need to step away from a project, and do something else for a while. The retreat and the workshops sound like great fun!

Beth said...

I was about to leave the exact same advise as brahdelt ... step away from the shawl!

I'm so jealous that you'll be at the retreat - I really wanted to go this year, but just couldn't swing it. Hopefully next year!

CPAKnit said...

I can see that today you need a little coaching about "Positive self talk"!!!
Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Yes, you can.

AlisonH said...

Actually, when I was new at laceknitting, trellis lace drove me up the wall. It's not immediately visually intuitive, and you have to start off each row at exactly the right point while at the same time it's boring enough to make you easily not pay enough attention. I would say, try something easier, like Barbara Walker's Little Arrowhead lace.

zippiknits said...

You are not a loser, nor any of the other things you said, if you stuck to it after 6 froggings. Do you want to know about the "Opaliscious" socks? They are full of mistakes but they are mine, and I love them.

Yes, step away from Trellis and do something you can have fun with. At Retreat you will meet many other knitters who will tell you their funny stories about lace knitting. That will be very fun. :-)

Trish said...

Zippi's right, losers don't stick to it through 6 froggings!

Some times we just concentrate too hard, try too hard and need to pull back for a little rest and refueling until you have a new found interest and perspective in that particular project.

It happens to me all the time.