Friday, March 24, 2006

sweater sleeve, back and left front

First section done - now I cast on for second part - the wavy part is the back where I will continue after doing a bunch of inches for the right front -- can you believe how brown my lawn is? It just goes to show that growing season hasn't begun in NY yet. And this is adjusted a bit to make the colors look a bit better as the sun was bleaching things out a LOT.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Problems with photos

Everyone is reporting problems uploading pictures lately - I just don't have any pictures to upload - I hope by the end of the week I will have some significant changes to show for my efforts.

My BIG news -- like doing this sweater isn't enough - I ordered sock yarn - not one, not two but 3 different yarns. I have never done a sock before and I order 3 yarns??? My thinking is (convoluted as usual) the first sock I will hate - because I will have to get used to using all those needles (those very small needles) The second I will feel a bit better about because it is starting to feel a bit more normal using all those needles and by the 3rd sock I will have decided if I like doing them and will continue or if I hate doing socks. And I haven't done any socks yet but I have decided I like mismatched socks - not going to stress about being sure that each one is exactly the same as the other LOL

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Should get lots of inches done today

going with DH to a saltwater fishing show (his buddies that were to go with him - one is a new grandad yesterday and the other went skiing - forgot what weekend it was when he made reservations) so I will be sitting in the car all day. I am still too sick to actually go but I know DH was really looking forward to this and it is a bit of a drive that seems a LOT longer if you are alone. So I will bring my knitting some books, my iPod, a pillow and a blanket - and after I take my meds I know I will sleep. What fun - but it should be worth some stash in the future right??? Well at least some stash without too much complaints.....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today I did

one more inch on my sweater -- only 5 more to go until the next set of instructions. I have to admit it is interesting knitting with the cough meds and occasional sips of my moms old recipe for cough meds. (which I asked the doctor if it was ok to mix and he said it was ok) Mom's old recipe - whiskey, honey, and lemon - sip on as needed. :D Not sure if it actually helps the cough or if you just sip enough that you really don't care that you are coughing hard enough to break ribs. . . .

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sweater sleeve and beginning of drop shoulder and front and back

17 inches of sleeve and start of drop part of sleeve and part of front and back have to make 11 inches from where the increase was before going to the next direction. That is still about 6 more inches of knitting and knitting and knitting......

Of course standing on the waterbed with the camera held above my head I managed to catch a bit of the blue coverlet that goes over the blankets that I had pushed back. And if I try to crop it out I lose part of the sweater - so as you can guess my bedroom is blue and white :D

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tomorrow I will try

to find a place I can lay out my sweater so show where I am - and add enough cord to the denise needle that I can stretch it out all the way.

Whine mode -- had to go to the doctor again - I went downhill over the weekend and am pretty ill again. Trying a new antibiotic and using the narcotic cough med again. And I want to know WHAT the heck the doctor wrote in the file that caused the nurse who gave me shots to run out into the waiting room when I was trying to pay - and ask if it was ok to listen to my chest there - she "just wanted to hear something" I don't feel wheezy but I guess things are rattling around in there. I got a flu shot this year and have been sick since Jan. I always get bronchitis after the holidays but I can't shake this - so next year I think I will forgo the flu shot - Without it I got the flu and I got bronchitis but I lost it quicker than this.

Whine mode off -- check in tomorrow to view the sweater progress!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

sleeve at 16"

sleeve at 16"
Originally uploaded by rho1640.
I sure wish I could get the colors closer to what they are in reality - I played with it for about a half hour to get it this close and it really isn't. I have one more inch then I have to cast on 80 stitches at the end of each of the next two rows!! Maybe a cup of coffee will help. At least I have knitting circle tonight so maybe someone can help me there. And I will ask for help on KR. I need to find out what type of cast on to use then look it up on my EZ DVD to learn how to do it. Boy I will have learned a lot by the time I finish this.

Ok, Breathe deeply - again- and again --- you can do this - don't get flustered.... one stitch at a time. and before you know it you WILL be wearing this. And it is always an option to frog it if you hate it when it is done, right? And if that happens you can reknit it and fix whatever you didn't like.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

5 things in my fridge

Thanks Trish -- hmmmm

1) OJ (with lots of pulp) to mix supplements in and drink after downing a spoonful of Cod liver oil
2) Cod Liver Oil
3) Three containers of beef broth cooling to go into freezer for soup base
4) short ribs in a bar-b-que type of sauce (where the beef broth came from - simmer them for 1 1/2 hrs before they go into the sauce)
5) Hmmm What do most people call them --- long clams?? -- a friend (a bayman) dropped off a mess of fryers for tomorrow nights dinner - (fried clams--- yummmmm) btw they are called piss clams here. And if you know the clams you know why they have that name :D

and I can't think of anyone who hasn't done this yet - other than me -- any volunteers????

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Sweater I am making

Sweater I am making
Originally uploaded by rho1640.
This is the sweater I am hoping to make - Well I am going to make - I just hope it looks like this when I am done.

I realize the colors will be different and that my colorway won't stripe like that - but it is the shape I love -- wish me luck!!!

Later today I will show how much I got done on my first sleeve. (2am is not the time to be taking photos LOL)

Oh and both sleeves are actually the same length.. :D

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The view from my Front Door

showing our hedge that is in desperate need of trimming too. One of the few spots in the village that still has a field across from it. I can't begin to imagine what that piece of property is worth. When you consider that this house (in the next picture) sold for $850,000 BEFORE they did at least that amount of work on it to make it look like this (and it is a tiny tiny house and property- about the same size as our house and property) This house is just off to the right of the field you see in the first picture (this picture was taken a couple of months ago - which is why there is no snow there - really there is no Bermuda Triangle thing working here where snow is all over but not in their yard)

I am so envious of everyone who has such fabulous writing abilities in showing their front and back yards - I really stink compared to you all....

And now to my sweater swatch

pre-swimming it. I cannot get the colors to be true but this is as close as I managed to get it after many tries. I am still excited and terrified to begin - so today I WILL begin this just to get past the terrified part.

In fact yesterday rather than start my sweater I did an 8x8 square to be sent off to be part of a blanket. Still have to block that today and hopefully it will go in the mail tomorrow. Oh, what I will do to put off beginning THE sweater......