Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today I did

one more inch on my sweater -- only 5 more to go until the next set of instructions. I have to admit it is interesting knitting with the cough meds and occasional sips of my moms old recipe for cough meds. (which I asked the doctor if it was ok to mix and he said it was ok) Mom's old recipe - whiskey, honey, and lemon - sip on as needed. :D Not sure if it actually helps the cough or if you just sip enough that you really don't care that you are coughing hard enough to break ribs. . . .

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Zippianna said...

Every little bit gets the knitting done. Congrats Rho. =0)

I got the two toes of the socks almost done but keep making mistakes that mean frogging. It's weird, almost like my stars are out of alignment or something. hehe.. Need to blame it on something here.