Thursday, March 09, 2006

sleeve at 16"

sleeve at 16"
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I sure wish I could get the colors closer to what they are in reality - I played with it for about a half hour to get it this close and it really isn't. I have one more inch then I have to cast on 80 stitches at the end of each of the next two rows!! Maybe a cup of coffee will help. At least I have knitting circle tonight so maybe someone can help me there. And I will ask for help on KR. I need to find out what type of cast on to use then look it up on my EZ DVD to learn how to do it. Boy I will have learned a lot by the time I finish this.

Ok, Breathe deeply - again- and again --- you can do this - don't get flustered.... one stitch at a time. and before you know it you WILL be wearing this. And it is always an option to frog it if you hate it when it is done, right? And if that happens you can reknit it and fix whatever you didn't like.


Trish said...

You worry too much kiddo!

That looks spot on to me. And I don't know what the colors are "supposed" to be...but they look great on my monitor.

Just keep pluggin' along and you'll be done in no time.

Katie said...

Wow!! Beautiful job. That's such gorgeous yarn.

Just keep knitting! =)