Wednesday, March 08, 2006

5 things in my fridge

Thanks Trish -- hmmmm

1) OJ (with lots of pulp) to mix supplements in and drink after downing a spoonful of Cod liver oil
2) Cod Liver Oil
3) Three containers of beef broth cooling to go into freezer for soup base
4) short ribs in a bar-b-que type of sauce (where the beef broth came from - simmer them for 1 1/2 hrs before they go into the sauce)
5) Hmmm What do most people call them --- long clams?? -- a friend (a bayman) dropped off a mess of fryers for tomorrow nights dinner - (fried clams--- yummmmm) btw they are called piss clams here. And if you know the clams you know why they have that name :D

and I can't think of anyone who hasn't done this yet - other than me -- any volunteers????

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Trish said...

The ribs sound delicious...but I can definitely live without the cod liver oil.

My mom used to give us that stuff when we were those ugly aluminum glasses...which definitely didn't help the taste.