Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympic Project -not felted yet

Tomorrow I have to get a zippered pillowcase cover to felt this in - then my Olympic Project will be finished!! I have to say I learned a lot doing this - using big needles, picking up stitches and going from a flat piece to a circular, changing colors, slip a stitch to make a corner, icord - and enjoyed every part of it.

So why am I so nervous about how it will come out after felting -- I really mean it - I could put off doing it just to avoid that part of the project and seeing if I did ok or not LOL Oh, the joys of being a new knitter....

ps -- felt is one of those words that after typing it a few times looks like it is wrong... ;D


Zippianna said...

Rho, I love this bag you've made. So cool! =0) Congrats on finishing your Olympic knitting project. yeay!

My answers on the Psi test were 9, 10, 5, 8, and 8. Pretty close to yours in most areas I think. It was fun. Thanks!

Jane said...

Fantastic! I'm so pleased to know someone who's so close to the finish line!

Trish said...

That looks terrific. I hope the colors stay that bright and cheerful after you've felted it.

Be sure to post "after" pics so we can see how it turned out.

Nice work!

eclair said...

Don't worry! Your mistakes will be far less noticeable (not that I can see any, even with my nose pressed against the monitor) as all colour changes, wobbly stitches and knots disappear into the gloriously blending nature of the felted fabric!

I did my first felted bag a couple of weeks ago- had the same panic as you. It's lovely (had to felt mine twice) and I carry it around everywhere and keep stroking it!