Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Looking on the positive side

that this happened this week so it can get fixed before we go to Florida - but still .... CRAP!!

I was going to knitting circle and stopped at MIL's on the way to drop off some seafood chowder and a water bottle for her to drink from (she is having problems holding a glass straight when she goes to drink from it and spills and she is having problems chewing and swallowing so soup is good for her now) and of course the water bottle rolls off the seat and between the seat and the passenger side door - - I run around the car to get the bottle and soup out and open the door and the door won't close!!!! I locked it, unlocked it - using the remote then using the key and nothing -- the piece that holds the door shut is stuck and now the door hits the bar and won't close -- I tried using a pliers to grab it and move it - no go .... so I am home now -- called to say I wouldn't make it to circle and wishing R. hadn't taken his truck to a friends house when they left for Rhode Island today. I literally drove home with a shopping bag looped over the inside door handle holding it across the seat to keep the door shut (which I figured out after the door opened as I was driving)

We actually have an appointment to get the car checked over, and any thing needed done to it and the inspection done on Sat. - so like I said it is good it happened now and not half way to Florida.... but still.... CRAP!

I was tagged with the 6 weird thing meme - and am still working on what exactly I want to reveal about me that is weird but maybe not too weird -- and there is just too much to choose from too. :D


Kathy said...

Hmmm, well at least you're editing, some people out there are REALLY weird, you know what I mean? Just kidding! I wouldn't know where to begin, I've been tossing that one around myself.

Bummer on the car, but you definitely are looking at the glass half full. And it's just a car. Have a great time in Florida and have a wonderful new year!

Jo said...

You've never had that happen in your car before? You should see Cape Clear Island off West Cork. They use teaspoons for ignition keys and kitchen implements as radio aerials. And my father would regularly have to work the windscreen wipers by tearing his tie in two and giving one half to my mother to tie to the wiper on her side, so they could tug alternately. It was kind of fun. I got all sad when I grew up and discovered people who had their cars serviced regularly.
Have a great time in Florida. Where are you going?
Jo at Celtic Memory

Fiberjoy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to reveal. Good for you on perculating ideas for awhile, I kindof wish I'd done mine differently but then, I'd been stewing for several days and just wanted to get six things posted and done.

Hope you have a wonderful time in Florida!

Anonymous said...

I get to read some more weird memes? wow! This should be very fun. I wish I had tagged you rho. That would have been one down!

Cars, the japanese believed they were inhabited by demons that had to be placated. I'm not sure they still believe that, but I sure do.

Gill said...

Have a great time in Florida, Rho!

Cars - my 6 feet 5 inch husband drives my old Fiat Punto for work. We've had it for 10 years this January and it's just about to turn over 100 000 miles on the clock. Our mechanic said that they are just not built to last like this. J loves a challenge! He's hanging onto it to see just how long and how far he can get out of it. I won't let him see Jo's comments, just in case he gets ideas...

Anonymous said...

- Open door policy? -
just kidding - it is a good thing that you have figured out how to keep it closed while driving - that is a bummer though. It is probably an easy fix - make sure you watch while they do that one - just in case!
6 weird things - that is a tough one - I cant wait to see what you post.