Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Actual Knitting Content

My socks done in April

And next are the socks I am working on now - this is the yarn from the frogged 2 socks on 2 circulars that I hated and frogged when they were done - they were in a time out in my bag but I needed yarn that I didn't have to wind into a ball so they got taken out earlier than planned - so far they are behaving themselves though.

Just realized how blurry the second picture is - sorry but you get the idea I guess. It is at the TV remote cozy stage at this point.

Ok, I am sitting here laughing my head off -- do you know that one of the options from spell check for the word frogged is frigged -- LOL

OH, I am tired if that is striking me so funny ;)


Trish said...

Well I see you won the battle of the soxes...:-)

Boo hiss, yes...I know how bad that was.

The socks look great!

Iris G said...

Oh, that's KR on your computer screen, isn't it?
Your April socks are so pretty, and the color of the WIP looks great, too.

zippiknits said...

Frigged? Lol! Anyway, I can't see one of your pictures that is just about the comment line but I sure can see the socks, and they are fine looking and Gratz on finishing your pair!

Your yard is er very green, and I bet you would like to get all that cleaned out so you can plant posies and other nice stuff. Bob is cleaning out the root sprouts from the elms. What a job that is. No wonder the elm forests used to be endless in the east at one time.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Rho, on a knitting related topic, were you the one who found me the links to that amazing jacket Mrs. Weasley wears in the Harry Potter films? I have a whole gang of Sock Madness people dying to try it!