Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my modeling tree is no more

Sarah Blanch Shawl 5/06
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It was too large and was a danger to the house if there was a hurricane - but I have to admit I cried as I said bye bye tree -- this tree was our first Christmas tree in this house .....

I have been taking pictures of the progress each day - when the debris is all taken away along with a dumpster of stuff we managed to get rid of too I will post the pictures -- I HAVE A BIG YARD (well .25 acre but it sure looks bigger than it did before)


Fiberjoy said...

Oh how sad to see the end of a beloved tree. You will miss it greatly. But it's prudent to advert potentially terrible damage.

Is it your birthday??!! Happy Birthday if it was.

Waving money in front of the nose of the yard man's wife was a good thing.

Jane said...

Your sadness will turn around when you can turn around in your yard again! I think I'll have to do a drive-by!

zippiknits said...

Happy Birthday,Rho, I read about your cake, too.

I am sorry about your special tree having to be removed. I know it wasn't easy to make the decision. Mine special trees were the elms my mother started for me in coffee cans. They were about forty years old when cut down last January, and we don't have a half acre. Way too big for our small yard.

Gratz on getting a good landscaper in finally. You will love having the room to make a sweet garden.