Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I took pictures of my socks today

now I have to remember where the heck I put the cords to put it on the computer - I KNOW I put it somewhere I would never forget and it was a perfect place.... hmmmmm wonder where it could have been?

Gill - thanks for letting me steal your Fibro Fighter button - I also put a Fibro link in my links list that takes you to a site with information on Fibro written by a doctor who has it. OK here is a laugh - spell check wants to make Fibro = Fibre LOL

I went to the chiropractor today - trying to loosen up some spots that are flaring big time - my neck in particular is giving me fits this time (more than it has for a long time) And I am in the cycle of being so tired and in enough pain I can't sleep which just keeps the cycle going. Of course if I could get some pain medication I could take a pill and get some sleep because it would bring the levels down a bit. One of my biggest bones to pick with the government - Pain management in this country sucks - Because of a few crooks - the people who need the medication cannot get it. Instead of prosecuting the bad guys the innocent person suffers. OK off my soap box now.....

On the knitting front - the socks I am working on now are from the yarn that went into the bin for a time out - I decided I was just doing a simple sock 2 inches of rib then all knit after that - so I can work on my heels and toes to be happier with them when my sock club yarn and patterns come. I hope the patterns are easy - since I haven't done any lace or cables or anything hard yet at all -- but unlike Jo there is no time limit with my club - I can take a whole month to do them if I want - as long as I am done before I get the next one I will be thrilled.

So pics to follow tomorrow (I think I remembered where the cords are - the office closet) . . . .please remember though my socks are simple and I haven't quite loved my heel and toe results yet. . .

It's 2am so I am off to take some Advil and melatonin and see if I can get to bed in an hour or so.... for a couple of hours at least.


Beth said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly. I know all too well the cycle of pain and lack of sleep.

Hope you find the cords - can't wait to see the photos!

zippiknits said...

HI Rho, I sure hope that you got the sleep you wanted to get and some relief from Fibro. Grats on your sock accomplishment. That's no small thing when Fibro has one in pretzel mode. I'm checking out your links pronto! And thanks!

One of the main reasons we got the RV was that we just couldn't camp on the ground with our rockhound group anymore. I hate Fibro. It steals your brain and your body. My blog posts have at least a half dozen extra commas and all where they shouldn't be.

Gill said...

Hope you feel better soon. I take 20mg amitryptilene at night. I does nothing for the pain :( but has broken my cycle of insomnia and exhaustion.

Looking forward to seeing the socks!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

The thing about the time trial on Sock Madness was that it actually made you get the damn things done - not always guaranteed chez Celtic Memory, I can tell you!