Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Weird neck wrap as promised

This was a trial at circular knitting and seeing what happened with different techniques. It is strange and it could be a bit longer but It works for helping DH split logs (I work the lever on the log splitter while he does all the heavy stuff) and keeping my neck and ears warm.

I am finally starting to feel a bit more human -- although after a half an hour working outside I was shaking like a leaf - I am as weak as a newborn pup. But I am not gurgling when I breath now and the coughing is much less.


Trish said...

That looks really toasty and very functional to me...better than a scarf even..and no long ends to keep throwing over your shoulders while you're working.

rho said...

It is all of that trish -- I will make a few changes in the future though -- I will make it longer so it doesn't lift off the back of my neck if I pull it up over my head....and I will pick one or two stitch patterns and stick to them. But it was fun to see how all the different things turned out as you went along :D

YarnB said...

Rho...You wrote me on my blog and I don't have your email so I answered you there and here. You asked me why my old blog only showed up on bloglines and I don't know the answer I am sorry! Eventually I will delete my old blog (ArizonaYarnObsesion) on blogspot. Are you using blogines? It should work.