Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Needing to see an accomplishment

Have been working on my lap robe/wrap (haven't decided if it will be one or the other or a combination) and it is just knit forever -- so last night I decided I needed to do something to see an accomplishment that was still mindless (because of feeling pretty cruddy still) so I did a "grandmothers favorite dish cloth" I love that pattern - it is easy to do and works up pretty fast and you can see that you did something. I will probably do another today LOL I want to graduate up to some of the different pattern ones soon but I don't think I am in full concentration mode yet.

Went to the doctors yesterday and both DH and I ended up with shots and scripts. Hopefully this will knock it out - 2 weeks of this is ridiculous. Trying to avoid this going into pneumonia for DH (which happens to him) and bronchitis for me (usually a once a year deal for me) Also it really stinks when neither of you feel like doing anything - like cooking or cleaning up

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