Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My finished ribwarmer

So here is my first wearable object - wearable by someone tiny - but not by me. But it served its purpose and I learned short rows and turning corners and sort of learned sewing it together.

I couldn't find any instructions on how to piece the ribwarmer together so I kind of figured it out as I went along. Not totally thrilled with it but it isn't too bad.

Now to figure how to make something bigger and a little different for me. I have some ideas will have to see if it will work. I think that if I make this new project it will actually use up the rest of this green yarn. Buying way too much is a hazard of buying yarn when you have only made 3 things. But the yarn was super cheap and is serving a great purpose as a learning yarn. And years from now when I see any of these GREEN objects I will certainly remember that it was one of my firsts. LOL

Don't you just love my model? A towel covered box - but I didn't have to worry about her moving and the pay is right. And it fills out the vest about as well as some of the high priced famous models would.


Jane said...

Looks great Rho! You're a very adventurous knitter!

Trish said...

Hey, I like that! You did a great job. I may even try it myself.

If I run into problems with it...I'll be calling on you.

I like the color too.

Trish said...

Oh,'ve been tagged!