Friday, January 20, 2006

Frogging is good for the soul?

Well I had done 1/2 of the EZ ribwarmer and decided to frog it - I think that I have to go down to the numbers that EZ uses in the short rows even though I have more stitches on the needle than she does for the turn to come out right. In other words it has to go down to the final 15 stitches before you start knitting one more up to the number of stitches on the needle. Hmm that was clear as mud I am sure.

So I decided to do it exactly as written first - and give it to my MIL (at 89 she is always cold) and that way I can see what each part is supposed to look like so when I try it for me again I will have an idea if it looks right.

I guess it is a good thing I am a process knitter -- so the frogging doesn't bother me too much. WELL - not all that much. :D

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