Sunday, January 07, 2007

So I got my battery for my pedometer

and it is up and running -- it only took 3 stores to get it - I tried to give the business to our nephew who owns a camera store - but those batteries were used in old cameras not the new ones -- also a friend with an eye glass/hearing aid shop - but those batteries wouldn't last long in the pedometer. Final Stop --- Radio Shack - they had it . . . oh well, think of the extra steps I took right?

Just a couple hours of getting ready to go today and we are off in the morning. I'm actually using the lists I made for this - what a change from my normal making lists and putting them aside.

I have to find time to wind up some yarn for the trip -- some sock yarn and some yarn for a shawl. I am also working on my mindless shrug pattern (that I am making up as I go- easy peasy as long as I remember my decreases and where to make them - since I seem to have misplaced my notes on how I started out) -- And I have a bunch of books to read. And money, credit cards and travelers checks - I think I am ready for anything :D

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zippiknits said...

All those extra steps are good. :o) Sometimes it really is better to not let your fingers do the walking, I guess. Ya, radio shack seems to carry batteries for Evvvverything. Good old company.

Have fun stepping out this month. I hope you are having a grand old time of it. R&R in the warmth!