Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I swear I will post pictures from Vacation

it has been crazed since we got back -- MIL had a few episodes over the past couple of nights so we were over there getting her calmed down and meds into her (she decides we are all trying to poison her during these - so we have to get her out of the rage then get the meds in - fun) I am so glad I have knitting to bring with me- still using my shrug as my mindless knitting for times like this...

Today I am making a white bean with garlic soup found on Rachael Ray site - since last night hubby promised some to the caregiver and to mom -- hopefully I will get it mostly done before Knitting Circle (that I have missed for about a month - I miss my group....)


Jane said...

And I hope I'll see you this afternoon, too!

Fiberjoy said...

You're BACK! :-)Please tell us about your trip and show pics.

Sorry to hear about your MIL. It's so hard to watch loved ones age.

Bean soup - that's one of the things I love about winter; soups simmering all day on the wood stove.

Thank you Rho for your thoughts. How are you doing in this cold winter after being in a warmer climate?

Trish said...

You don't fool us Rho....You probably went to some drunken love fest with a few hunky college studs on vacation and you're just too embarrassed to let us see you table dancing with said hunks. :-)

Well....That's what I would do. OK, that's what I wish I could do.

C'mon...we wanna see the pics!

Ms. Knitingale said...

You have my sympathy, Rho. My own mother is not aging terribly well. Your MIL is lucky to have so much support. The bean soup sounds SO good. I usually make mine with some sausage in it, too, little carnivore that I am.