Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Rachael has set up a blog for everyone doing the 100 miles by 4/1/07 Here go join in - I think it is going to be a lot of fun and a great way to get up and do a bit of exercise.

I will be keeping track of my steps while we are away and posting when we get back since I won't be taking the laptop with me. So I will have lots to catch up with by then.

Off to look for more warm weather clothes to wash and freshen up for packing - oh what to bring - cold clothes, mild clothes, and warm weather clothes -- I am not a clothes horse - you would think this would be easy for me wouldn't you?


Kathy said...

Hey, it may hit 70 here today! So why bother putting those warm weather clothes away?

I'm going to try to knit a few miles instead of walking/running, but I probably should do both. Good for you!

Fiberjoy said...

Ah ha, I just saw this Runagogo down your page! I hadn't paid attention the first time I saw it but when I saw the logo on Spindling Scot's blog I had to sign up too. Sadly I've only logged in 3 miles. (Hanging head in shame). Go Rho!