Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How does anyone even

think about knitting now - I can't even pick up my yarn to ball it up to cast on some socks-- It's 10 pm and and my house is still over 90 degrees I have 3 fans on me and spritzing myself with water and drinking so much water I should float -- We went shopping today and it was 101 without the heat index -- AND THEY SAY TOMORROW WILL BE WORSE ............ I'm melting, I'm melting --


Trish said...

I think we're being punished for past sins or something.

Poor Rho...I wish there was something I could do to help....arghhhh.

Jo said...

Poor love. It has got to get cooler for you soon. Believe it or not it's still heavy weather here in Ireland, cloudy and threatening thunderstorms at any moment. Difficult to get up the enthusiasm for knitting, but have started on some spinning, inspired by your dauntless courage... And I wish we got snow like yours!