Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a fun day

Well first off it has taken me 5 minutes to get Blogger to only put 2 pictures on instead of 4 of each picture so I am not going to play with the placement of the pictures or anything.

the first picture was during the talk - It is very similar to the picture on Jane's Blog because I handed her my camera and asked her to take the picture because I had heads in front of me. The Second picture is my socks Ala Yarn Harlot and her traveling sock photos.

Turns out my worry about working on my socks was for nothing - Ann was working on a sock when we got there.(Kitchenering the toe [geeze is that an actual word or did I just get on a roll with it] and trying it on when it was done. Then, later during the talk, I was reminded again that working on moody blues socks while wearing a denim blue dress is not something you should do -- so I put it down and just had a ball.

I cannot believe that there were 4 or 5 members of Knitters Review there. In our little town and at a knitting author talk - And one, Deborah, was all the way from Annapolis, MD. How fun is that. And I got to meet Kathy who I have only talked to online before.

I must must must do some of the Moss Grid hand towels from the book - I loved them in the book but in person yummmm -- I really really loved them. So I am on a search for the Euroflax needed for that.

And what fun -- when I introduced myself I said my name and then said rho1640 -- they both said at the same time "from comments" Now I will choose to believe they were happy to see me -- not that I am some crazed stalker type they can't forget hehehe

Now I took some allergy pills a little while ago and my brain seriously starting to fuzz up. So I will just finish with -- Buy the book, play with the projects - make them your own (they talked about how people were doing that on the Knit Along site and how they enjoyed it) And if you ever get a chance to go to one of their talks --- GO!!!!

And I'm sorry I couldn't figure out how to link to other blogs - I had it figured out a few days ago but tonight it just didn't want to work for me.


SpiderWomanKnits said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun time :-)

That mitred afghan is something, geez. I would have loved to see that in person. It always amazes me how blogging connects people.

Love the blue socks you are working on too...

Jane said...

Yay for a great day! Thank you for everything!

Jo said...

Wish I'd been there, Rho - what a great day it looks like. I too am amazed at the way weblogging is connecting us all over the world. It just has to be a good force...

Trish said...

Oh you just have all the fun don't you?

But I'm not jealous, oh no...I'm not jealous at all....*snarl

Spinningfishwife said...

It`s so funny when you`re at a knitting event "I`m Isabella" ...polite smile and "Hi". "I`m Spinningfishwife"....huge grins and "Hi there! Really nice to meet you! ", like they were long lost cousins or something.

Gets me every time...great, isn`t it?

Fiberjoy said...

Were you able to talk? How's the voice now?

The meeting room looks like such a personable, pleasant place. Very nice.

I can not even comprehend knitting a huge afgan like that. (Shuddering in horror at the consumption of the rest of my life on such a project.)

Kay said...

Rho! I had been looking forward to meeting you! It was such a great spirit in that room, really gave me a happy feeling about my adopted 'home town'.

I couldn't make it to Hillary's group today due to ahem child care issues, but I'm determined to get there soon. See ya in town! xox Kay

Zippianna said...

Oh my. The East Coast has ALL the fun. I'm glad that you had a great day Rho. Whoot!