Tuesday, August 08, 2006

2 socks on 2 circulars 8/8/06

2 socks on 2 circulars 8/8/06
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My first attempt at this - I decided yesterday when my hands were sore from IVs (one hand had it and the other was a botched job) that I couldn't continue the Knit 2 Purl 2 cuff so I did about 10 more rows and now I am doing straight knitting for the rest of the cuffs.

Can we see a theme here with all the blue - yep it is my favorite color. The bag is a Green Mountain Knitting Bag -- isn't it beautiful.

Argh - just got a phone call from the fire department DH cut his leg on a hose coupling during a drill and is at the hospital getting stitches -- I told him not to go to the drill tonight and to work on the new pad he is putting on his gun for the big shoot he is scheduled to go to this weekend in Rhode Island - Now to see how bad it is. . . .

Men really should learn to listen to their wives shouldn't they?? LOL

Just got back - he has about 10 -12 stitches - the coupling wasn't on tight and when they charged the line it blew off and caught his shin - the area where there isn't any meat to hold it together. I think he will be a hurting puppy when the numbing wears off ....


Fiberjoy said...

Sorry to hear about your dh! Right on the shin would be so intensely painful. Pain meds are the way to go. Will he still be able to participate in the shooting event?

I did a pair of two socks on circs a couple months ago. I used the double-trouble pattern which is a toe up. It was a trial and error experience but I loved finishing them both at the same time.

Hope your hands recover quickly from the IVs without too much purpling, and that all is well!

Jo said...

Love the two on two idea - my little dpns, although as sweet as ever, do have a knack of slipping a teeny little stitch off either end when I'm not paying attention, and the circulars would certainly solve that. Is it very straining and stretching on the yarn?

Trish said...

Ouch, poor DH! I'm glad it wasn't worse...though I'm sure he thinks it's bad enough. It does sound painful.

Hey, I LOVE that knitting bag....very, very pretty! Is that your reward for being a good do-bee at the hospital recently?

Well, it should be! :-)

Zippianna said...

I hate IVs, period. At least now they don't poke around on the inside of the wrist for a vein just go for the top of the hand. Sounds like someone was poking around on your hand. ouch.

Holy Cow, Rho, your DH got a bad whack. That sounds like a lot of pain, and that fitting must have been flying at top speed, too. It had to do some things to the bone that weren't nice either, like some bruising. ouch ouch ouch!

Your socks look so cute on their two little circ needles that it's a real temptation to try that method. I may grow tired of DPNs but so far so good and I've got a whole lot of them, too. eeek.