Saturday, July 22, 2006

my can cozy 7/22/06

my can cozy 7/22/06
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looks familiar doesn't it .... yep it was from leftover yarn from my socks. It has been so hot here that as soon as you take a can out or water out it immediately starts dripping and warming up so I decided it was time to try to make a can cozy. It is working great....

Do you think my troublesome new sock has learned it's lesson and can come out of it's time out bag yet? I hope I can start working on it again tomorrow - I would love to have these new slouchy socks to wear for my colonoscopy in a couple of least my toes will be covered even though most everything else will not be.


Trish said...

Practical and cute! Now, of need to make a complete set...and then some coasters.

Yes, yes I know....I'm a trouble maker.

And do make those slouchy socks. It gets chilly in those clinic rooms.

maxine said...

I was thinking of doing some cotton cozies but the leftover sock yarn mmight be just the thing.
I might try to figure out a bottle one though.

As to the colonoscopy, if you haven't done it before, it really isn't too bad. The one thing I wish I knew going in was to tell the doc when the discomfort from the wind they blow in starts as they will release it for you right away. TMI?

Good luck!

Eleni said...

Seriously, for some reason, I think that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen that is pracitcal too. Love it! Now I know what I am doing with my leftover sock yarn.

Zippianna said...

Rho that is carn cute. I will finish the last toe on the trekkers in a few mins. <--- Hooray ... And then one of the can coolers can go right on the needles. Tres Chic!

They put booties on you, Rho. Sadly. The slouchy socks would be much better.