Saturday, July 15, 2006

first socks 7/06

first socks 7/06
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Well I finally finished them and figured it was about time to put the picture up. I am pretty happy with them - I know that each pair will get better as I get used to techniques and learn some tricks to not get tiny holes when you pick up stitches. But I really wonder if I will ever learn the grafting thing for the toe - I sit with a diagram and chant the chant and still I have to figure what I am doing for each stitch.


YarnB said...

I love those Rho!! Adorable!! Congrats..!!

Trish said...

Just like a pro!;-)

Zippianna said...

Congratulations you Sock Knitter you! Yeay!

Jo said...

Rho I love those socks and I envy you your first pair. I'm only half way down the leg on the first one of the first pair ever and still have to face into that heel. That hasn't stopped me planning several more - dozens more - pairs in ever more spectacular colour schemes. BTW, since you like Harry Potter, you don't know a pattern for that lovely crochet cardigan Mrs. Weasley wears do you?


Fiberjoy said...


Love the "sheep" picture. I waited until my daughter was here to look at the large pic. We both laughed in amazement.

The socks look great!

In reply to your spindle question on my blog since I couldn't figure out how to email direct: most spinners hate a spindle that wobbles. Frankly, it didn't really seem to make a difference.