Saturday, April 15, 2006

So who is brilliant?

and can tell me why I am going so slowly on the sleeve of my sweater - personally I think I am afraid to finish it - then I have to join it all and try it on to see if it fits. This sleeve is taking longer than the whole sweater did I swear - and it isn't hard it is just decreasing after knitting so many rows. Geeze - what a whimp!


Zippianna said...

I think you may just have that "I am sick of this thing!" blues. It's going to be beautiful when you get to wear it. You go Girl!

Jane said...

Finishitis. And good weather. Try to knit a couple of rows at a time before you wander off, and you'll get it done. I know you have a sort of a deadline, but I still think you'll make it!

maxine said...

definitely fear that it wont fit or that seaming will be hard. Just do it so we can see it on ya, missy!

Spinningfishwife said...

Joseph`s Coat of Many`s going to be beautiful.

Trish said...

I get disinterested in finishing a sweater when it gets really heavy and more and more difficult to turn.

I definitely have a hard time with cuff to cuff sweaters.

But, at least you only have to seam the side/sleeve seams.

Press on Rho!

...oh, and I live with his highness, "The Supreme Master Snorer" I know what you mean.