Friday, April 07, 2006

A Post a Post!!!!

Can you believe I am actually making a post. Tomorrow or the next day I will have a picture to add of my sweater with the sleeve done. I just decreased to start the sleeve today.

Now, why haven't I had anything to say lately? Well, I'm still fighting this bug and the last part was another bout of Pink Eye and I was just plain disgusted and didn't want to air and expand on that disgust -- now it seems to be getting better so I am happier :D

Tomorrow is a trip to pick ups fresh horseradish roots to make horseradish for Easter - So there will be LOTS of tears in our house over the next couple of days. But it is one of those things that is so worthwhile because the horseradish is so much better than what you can buy.

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Jane said...

Finally! Er, I mean, glad to read you! ;)

The sweater is moving along nicely -- can't wait to see it done!