Monday, April 10, 2006


Maybe not as much as I hope for this weekend but I am getting there -- Just have about 2 inches more of this part of the sleeve then I start the decreases and it will go pretty fast.

Sorry it isn't perfectly straight on the blanket but dang it was cold out there without a coat (and no it never crossed my mind to go in to get a coat so I could position it just so) ;p


maxine said...

That is looking awesome. Is it from Sally Melville's book one? I started one on cheapy yarn that I am going to rip and I am considering using some Noro soomething or other.

rho said...

Maxine I couldn't get back to you personally because this doesn't do email - but no it isn't a Sally Melville it is a combination of two different patterns that a woman made up and I am making it from her pattern changes

Trish said...

Almost there!

The sweater looks great.

YarnB said...

Rho......thanks for the comments on my blog! When I get them, there isn't a way to just press reply so I don't always answer right away, sorry...Your sweater is looking great.!!

Jeanette said...

Rho, This is coming out gorgeous! I love the colors in your sweater more than the original. Its neat seeing it all laid out like it is and I can't wait to see it finished.

(Jeanette/Quinacridone/Knitstyles of the Mentally Insane)