Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wouldn't we all like to say ....

we had a teeny tiny bit of influence in helping someone get their dream - I know I would - so here is a request from a knitter friend of mine - I voted and I think she deserves the chance to get her book read by a publishing company. It is a fun read and I just know that the "junk" in the cottage is so much more and want to read the whole story to find out what it is. Plus it looks like the romance part of the story will be fun too! So here is the information......

My knitting-romance-writing friend Rachael
has an urgent plea which I have pasted below. Please make her LIFE for her by voting for her, and if you enjoy it, please pass this email along!

You are voting on

Love Spun - The Second Chapter
by Rachael Herron

click on the last star (#10) and as I remember I think I hit enter after that to vote.

Hi there.

Please forgive the mass mailing -- I have a favor to ask.

I'm in a competition you may have already heard about. I wrote a book, a romance, full of yarn and alpacas and sheep and hot knitter-on-shepherd action (no, really). I entered it in Gather.com's First Romance Competition. I posted the first chapter, and it garnered enough votes to move on to the second round (in the top 25 of more than 300), so I'm thrilled to say that I'm a finalist, with people now voting on the second chapter. It's kind of an American Idol type of thing, if you can imagine, and this second round is still vote-driven, and the the most important thing to know is that if I end up in the top three, with the most votes, I move on to the last round where THE WHOLE NOVEL IS READ BY SIMON & SCHUSTER and their favorite is published. Oh, my god. I would like that. I would love that.

So I need your vote. I *really* need your vote. I'm in the top four right now, and the three people ahead of me have LOTS of friends. I need to be in the top three to move on, and you will make ALL the difference.

Here's what you do: Read chapter one, but don't vote on it. That one is nice and content and voted on as it is. Please ignore the typos. They hurt my soul, but they're there.

Then read chapter two and please DO vote. If you like the chapter at all, please give it a 10, as they only count 10s (they throw out all votes of 1-9). The chapters with the most 10-votes win.

Even though I know you want to, don't vote more than once, since they're watching for IP fraud. And you DO have to register with their site in order to vote, but they won't spam you, and they don't share or sell email addresses. They will send you a daily email which you can easily opt out of.

Oh, please, please? And will you forward this note on if you like the chapter? To all YOUR email contacts?

Thanks so much. Here you go:

Don't vote on chapter one:(just to read so you know the story)


DO VOTE on chapter two: click on link here .....


All my thanks. Really, ALL my thanks. It means so much. Whoo-hooo!


This is rho again ----
OK so off you go to vote - right?!?


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CPAKnit said...

I registered, read both chapters and spent some time figuring out the name of your book - but I can't figure out how to vote. Perhaps putting the name of your book in your email would be helpful also. I think you would get more votes if you made it easy as possible. I enjoyed what I read- both chapters