Saturday, October 27, 2007

A short note

to mention that I just got a new charger for my camera battery - batteries are charging so maybe by tomorrow I will have pictures of my new wheel up :D

I was going to order a new camera for me but then I decided to look and see if I could get a charger all by itself ..... and they had it -- not only that but it is a better charger because it plugs directly into the outlet AND has an adapter to use to charge it in the car .... much cheaper solution that leaves it open for me to buy more fiber at the retreat --- happy dancing ***


trish said... got new batteries just in time for the KR retreat!

Looking forward to many pics.

*take some sneaky ones of people when they aren't looking...hee hee.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

AND ABOUT TIME TOO! Now can we expect full pictorial stories with each blog? Haha, now you can't hide your projects any more!