Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sometimes the Universe provides in unexpected ways

for example - I picked up the book I had ordered from our local bookstore - because we have a storm coming - I had planned on having the book to read and knitting to do and since we probably won't be going out to get our lobster in the storm tomorrow I bought shrimp to make scampi for dinner tomorrow. But I guess the universe decided I wouldn't stop and enjoy the book and the knitting so it put a bump in the frozen ground for me to trip over -- Ouch -- Let's just say I am going to have a spectacular bruise on my shin and I am afraid to look and see what is causing some really impressive twinges....

This is going to be a spectacular year I know - Heck - I am getting all the crud out early in the year :D Oops - I just realized that may be a cryptic remark if you don't know that I had the stomach flu from hell last week -- I did about 2 miles for the 100 miles by April Fools Day just running from my chair in the living room to the bathroom with bodily fluids coming from one side or the other - not fun. So you see -- things have to look up after the past couple of weeks heheheh


Jane said...

Ouch! Well, at least now you can sit and read the book and make plans...and I forgot to bring one home, so I'm bookless in a cluttered house. :-)

Trish said...

Hey Grace....you're not supposed to trip over bumps in the road...hee hee.

You really are getting all the cruddy stuff out of the way early this year.

Get better soon!

CPAKnit said...

Rho- Isn't it strange how falling down hurts our bodies and our pride so much more now that we are adults? Hope you aren't too sore, but take it as a sign that you are supposed to take some time for yourself (to read and knit).

zippiknits said...

Ouch, I bet you did, as the Irish say, ..."knock a groan from the road with your crumpler!".


I'm sorry Rho, but I do hope that you got some other knitting in. What a bruise!