Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting wrinkles out of clothes

I am trying throwing them in the dryer with a damp t-shirt. Think it will work. Apparently I left our dinosaur of an iron somewhere along the East Coast while traveling. Just shows how often I worry about wrinkle free clothes doesn't it LOL

wish me luck - I guess I will be shopping later in the week for a new iron -- any tips or recommendations -- this one was about 35 years old - I doubt new ones will last that long though hehehe


CPAKnit said...

Your story reminds me of many mornings before school, when my daughters would be running the clothes dryer to get the wrinkles out of their uniforms! They still don't own irons!

Trish said...

Prepare yourself for sticker shock m'dear.

And no matter how much you spend on an iron....they aren't as good as the old ones were.:-(

Fiberjoy said...

How's the iron hunting? Sticker shock for sure.

I'd love one of those new ones that have different steam options but I have a hard time justifying the expense for something used not all that often.

That said, I love that they're featherweight in heft.

How's your poor shin? That looks like it was very painful.

Minh said...

I don't iron anymore. That's the cool thing about business clothes: no one knows your shirt is wrinkled underneath your jacket!

How about hanging your clothes while you take a shower so that the steam helps unwrinkle them? (until you get a new iron)

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Hey Rho how's about some knitting news? What's been going on in your stash cupboard? What's on the needles? We want to know!

zippiknits said...

Oh dear, a new iron. hmmm? I like my rowenta, though it's not used much for clothing it sure is good for making mailable postcards and for pressing fabric for quilts. Mostly what it does nowadays. I don't iron anything since DH retired, i.e., no more $&@/*% dress shirts!