Monday, August 25, 2008

Laugh for the day

last night I went out to check the irrigation (which is new) and walking around the house - I'm staying close to the house to avoid the sprinkler that was going and as I stepped next to that sprinkler I sunk up to my knee with the mud filling in behind me - I pulled my leg out (not an easy task btw it was really really stuck) - then I reached in to pull my shoe out - which by now has been completely covered by the mud that moved back in when I pulled my leg out - so I have to keep reaching around in the mud (mud up above my elbow btw) to find it -- all the while lying on the ground because when I went I went all the way down --- pure grace in action you know --- and by this time the sprinkler has come back around and is now facing me again - here I am sort of laying in the mud sort of kneeling in the mud and pulling on my shoe trying to break the mud suction that has formed - laughing and getting soaked as the sprinkler is going directly in my face with the head of it being about 6 inches away from me - here I sit with one arm in the mud and my other hand up in front of me trying to keep some of the spray from hitting me in the face - I finally pull the shoe out - I have mud up the bottom of my shorts - I am soaked, mud covered and laughing and I can't get up -- the ground is too slippery - I tried 3 different ways to get up and ended up getting on my hands and knees and pushing at the ground hoping that my hands and feet wouldn't keep slipping in opposite directions too far (tell me you can just picture that - and it is exactly what you are picturing) and finally I managed to get up.

So now my shoes are on the porch - my clothes are down in the basement waiting to get washed later - I stood in the shower to rinse off and put more sand and dirt down my drain than I probably should have and I still had to go out later to be sure the timer for the irrigation was timing off.

All in all an average day in the life of rho....


Brahdelt said...

That's a great story, I have a good one too! *^v^* Some years ago it was a very hot Summer and we had our Ford Scorpio without air conditioning, so we were driving with the windows down. One time we were waiting in the queue to get out of the car park, standing next to the lawn with a rotating sprinkler. I was sitting mindlessly, observing the sprinkler move, watching the nice rain of water drops moving, along the circular path, closer, and closer, and... OMGs!... Suddenly our car got filled up with water through my open window!... *^v^* It was a bit nice, though, all that heat and a cool water breeze. ^^

Bullwinkle said...

I think I was 10 (because, iirc, my brother was about 6). He had wandered off to neighboring field to check out the mud. (Yes, uhm, deliberately to check out the massive amounds of mud. There was some construction just starting - I think a road was being built. And there were great tractor ruts ... and mud.

Soon, some random neighbor (child) came running back to say that my brother was stuck in the mud.

So I went over to see what was going on. And he was, in fact, stuck, crying (bawling, really) in the mud up to his knees completely unable to move. He'd fallen forward and he face was muddy and he'd tried to wipe it off with his muddy hands. There was mud in his hair.

I managed to pull his feet out but left his shoes suctioned in the goo. And as he wandered home (bawling the whole way - which is really the only way to show up at home when one is covered in mud and shoeless because if you show up happy, you'd be in trouble for being really dirty and having lost your shoes but if you show up distressed, things go easier.)

Anyway - I got one shoe but couldn't find the other and was sent back home by Billy Murphy (Rho, you may not know how bad I am at names, but I always remember his name. He was a friend of my dad's and he was "between jobs" and painting our house. He told fabulous stories of being on a ship and visiting far off lands (Africa, India, islands, ...) My parents hold him singularly responsible for my wanderlust. I think this is unfair.)

Anyway, Billy Murphy ran over (in a panic because, at that point, my brother had arrived home and the grown ups were massing to get children out of "trouble" (insert eyes rolling).

I was sent home. Billy cleared out all the rest of the various neighbor kids and police showed up and then the construction people to somehow make it safer for the unsupervised munchkins ... (hey, it was OUR field to play in (all the way back to the Crowley's farm and the horse pastures) until they decided to put in a road and build houses and somehow we got in trouble. Of course that may have been Michael Riley and Jimmy Quinlan who started the tractors. Who leaves keys sitting in large construction equipment??)

Where was I? Mud. Stuck in the mud.

Thanks for the memories :)

rho said...

oh you both have me laughing - thanks - I just love when one story leads to another and another ;)

loopykd said...

Awesomely told story! Suspenseful and descriptively told! Bravo and thanks for amusing me today.

CPAKnit said...

Rho - you are such a sport! I would still be muttering curse words under my breath, and you have turned this event into a funny story.

AlisonH said...

Oh my goodness! Or mudness.

zippiknits said...

Was the mud because the system was leaking? You probably didn't have time to determine it you were laughing too hard! lol

We grew up near a little river and My brother and I had mud fights all the time. But the time I remember getting completely muddy was when I was walking across a narrow part on a very long log bridge, and suddenly I slipped and was flat on my back in the mud about 15 feet below the log. My hair was still in those metal curlers because we were going to a friends house for a barbeque later. I was about 9 years old then. My mother hosed me down really well, and my hair as well. Later, at the party I was still pulling bits of river grass out of my hair.