Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A walk down memory lane

Jo (of Celtic Memory Yarn) wrote in her blog some memories of horseback riding as a child. That brought back some fun memories of my childhood and horses and fun fun fun. Now I never had a horse of my own -but so many of my friends did - and some of them even lived in the city during the week so I got to exercise their horses.

We had scavenger hunts on horseback for birthday parties, we rode in parades, we went to gymkhanas and one of the moms made matching outfits for some of the pair events (like relay races with eggs on spoons), we played broomstick polo, played knights by holding long sticks and spearing small rings suspended over the course (much safer than actual jousting that we originally thought of doing), we did Bonac Pole bending - a seriously sick game - you rode like a bat out of hell weaving in and out of telephone poles and mailboxes trying to get as close as possible to them (any wonder I have lousy knees now) We would ride double and bareback on one horse down the field and turn quickly at the end and try to stay on - now don’t think we were being cruel to poor Playboy - he would do this to us on a regular basis (make 90 degree turns trying to make us fall off) we just found a way to have fun with the psycho horse. This is the same horse that stepped on my foot while squeezing me against a fence - he owed me some fun LOL

We would ride thru the woods to go to another beach - and to this day to get to those beaches on the road I would have to have a map but thru the woods I knew the trails like the back of my hand (now there are probably 300 houses along the length of those trails)

And if we weren’t on horses or chatting in tack rooms we were riding our bikes to the beaches or taking a boat out from Uncle George's (where the hoses were kept) to go clamming and fishing and swimming.

But Jo I never had the experience of clambering up an embankment and doing a terror filled slide down the other side. Damn this girl would have been doing some major praying on the way down for sure.

So Jo thanks for the walk down memory lane - it was grand fun.

So tomorrow will be turkey with the in-laws and Sat. I will be cooking the free turkey I got from King Kullen for us - we should be turkeyed out soon don’t you think - the main turkey meal, turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, hot turkey sandwiches, all finished with turkey soup from the carcass - I just love turkey :D


Jane said...

Since I know where you grew up, I can picture all of it! Thanks for the story!

And Happy Turkey Day(s)!

Jo said...

Rho, that was such a wonderful glimpse into your past! Thank you for sharing it - hearing recollections like that is better than finding a goldmine as far as I'm concerned. More, there has to be so much more out there to be heard by the rest of us. We might feel our own memories aren't worth hearing by others but they are, they are! Get digging into your past all of you and let's hear other tales of childhood or teenage days or anything. Better still, what your mothers and grandmothers told you of their own childhood. C'mon I'm waiting!
Celtic Memory Yarns

Fiberjoy said...

Great memories Rho! Aren't you ever so thankful for a childhood filled with the freedom of horses, endless trails to unexplored places, and boats!

I truly hope the $200 dinner was absolutely delicious! Enjoy your turkey today.

Zippianna said...

Thanks for the memories of horseback riding, Rho. That's a wonderful childhood, being able to spend so much of it horseback riding.

I hope you had a great time at Thanksgiving. Turkey with all the trimmings for $200 sounds just about right. hehe

snazzi said...

Happy Thanksgiving... a few days late and a few dollars short! Hope you are feeling great!

I took the accent quiz, and it comes up with the inland north for me. I've never lived anywhere but NY State.... born in Manhattan, raised in Queens, a few summers spent out here, college in the finger lakes, a brief sojourn in Tacoma, WA, then back to Queens until age 28, w2oodstock for a year, then out here for the last 13 years. Second place was the northeast. Go Figure.

Your trip down memory lane brings back some horsey memories for me as well. One I remember well is being in Girl Scout camp and, because I wasn't a beginner, I had to ride the horse up a really steep incline and then come back down.... yikes! On the way down I think I was leaning all the way back as far as I could go!

Kathy said...

Great memories! Things have changed, eh? Somehow turkey is not my favorite part of Thanksgiving. I like the day after sandwiches the best. With crusty bread, cranberry sauce, a little stuffing, and most important, roasted red peppers. I could skip the big dinner and just go for the leftovers! But by Saturday I was so over the turkey and on to the lasagna! Hope your weekend was fun!

Anonymous said...


He likes this site !

Knitting Rose said...

I didn't cook this year for Thanksgiving - Now I wish I had - I want turkey soup! I may have to make a turkey just for fun!