Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Amazing another 2 posts in one day

Tonight I set the first fire in the wood stove - the wind is from the north and the living room is on the north side of the house - It is just a small fire to acclimate the stove and take the chill off but it is a fire. Not to mention I get to burn a bunch of credit card offers and other mail you don't want to throw in the dump.

It feels wonderful -- I do love winter and wood stoves and I really love getting rid of that mail like this...


Jane said...

Call me crazy, but I love it when the wind gets wild. There's lots of energy in it!

Gill said...

Hi Rho

Thankfully it's not that cold here yet - although I love the idea of a wood burner. Take care, stay warm and keep your spoons for when you really need them.
I found that story really useful for explaining how I feel to loved ones.


Trish said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky you!

It's still in the high 80's in Phoenix and even when it does get chilly enough for a fire, the pollution is so high the city declares "no burn" days....just to spoil my fun I'm sure. Arghhhhh.

Zippianna said...

Hooray, you have officially gotten Red Flannel Fever and built a fire in the home. It's chilly at night but if we lit off the fireplace we'd have to stand outside to enjoy it.

Enjoy that new stove! Will you make soup, or a love potion, on top of it?

Artis-Anne said...

I love our woodburner also but as yet its not too cold ,more damp up here in the mountains at the moment,but I have lit small fires , just to cheer us up on dismal days. Mind it gets a bit hot so we are wearing t-shirts LOL no knitted jumpers needed when its on

Mary said...

Hi Rho,

Yes, I am TOTALLY exhausted! It didn't help that my flight was delayed for three hours -- didn't get home until 1 am! What a fun weekend we had! :-)

Bess said...


Thanks for the compliment about the basket. Aren't they darling?

We've had a couple of fires since October, but it's too warm for them now. I love cold windy wet Novembers and bright sunny Februaries Februarys Februfaries

Aww shucks. Still pretending to be here and not knitting somewhere else.